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The business plan is a document that describes the project, sets its objectives, defines the means to put in place to achieve these objectives (investment, human resources, financing, loan, etc.). It is the road path that the contractor intends to take over a period of 3 to 5 years.
Developing a business plan aims to determine the feasibility and profitability of the project. It is an indispensable piece for the contractor to future shareholders and banks including any fundraising!

We put each project in the center of all economic actors. We reconcile entrepreneurs to investors, suppliers and agencies in economic development.

The business plan is a document that describes the project, sets objectives, defines the means to put in place to achieve these objectives (investment, human resources, financing, loan, etc.!).
Developing a business plan aims to determine the feasibility and profitability of the project. It is an indispensable piece for the contractor with respect to shareholders, banks and investors including any research funding.

The summary, summary presentation, the project is completed at the end of the process when all the data of the business plan are known.
It aims to give the caller in one or two pages, a synthetic idea of ​​the project. It should create interest by showing the potential of the product on the market, field of activity, innovation or originality of the project, its development status (nature of the risk) and financial issues.
This will end with the financing of which will result in capital funding request and any bank financing. It consists of the following:
- The summary of the project description
- The adopted financial package

An entrepreneur is any natural or legal person having an idea for a project, a project being set up, or during implementation. It includes any person already having a going concern

An investor means any natural or legal person whose role is to inject capital into a business. It can be an individual but also a bank or an investment fund. It can also be a public or semi-public actor (association, public funds, state, etc.).

A financial instrument is the offer made by the investor towards entrepreneurs. A financial instrument is generally described by characteristics (amount, interest rate, period, monthly, output conditions, etc.) and can be obtained according to eligibilities criteria (sector, turnover thresholds, contribution, investment program but also seniority of the project/company, etc.).

An economic development agency is a public or semi-public actor whose contribution to the development of the economy and employment in a sector or in a given region. It can for example be a Chamber of Commerce, Agency for Investment Development, Agency for Development of Employment, Regional Investment Centre, etc.).

An opportunity as the name suggests is a business opportunity. It can be a project creation, developing and sale. It can also be a project idea in a given sector.

A provider is a service provider or producer of added value. In general, every company needs suppliers to achieve its production. This same company becomes supplier for its customers who may or may not end consumers.

A benefit means work to be subcontracted because the company does not have the internal resources (competence, expertise, timing, etc.). This work is the creation of added value in the company's value chain. It may relate to horizontal functions such as accounting, management, computer science but also vertical services such as the production, sale or delivery.

The company creation is materialized by the registration of the unit SIREN directory. It corresponds to the creation of the first economically active establishment.
economic activation is the act of a unit registered in the directory, which had hitherto had no economic activity, and who undertakes to exercise. It is the transformation of a 'pseudo-enterprise' in company with economic reality.

When working on your strategic study, it is important to support your business plan by credible and verifiable data; do not forget to cite your sources especially when using figures from market research, for example. In terms of financial plan, a common mistake of promoters is to minimize costs to naturally increase profitability at the risk of diminishing their credibility with potential investors. Always be realistic and think of various scenarios (optimistic, medium and pessimistic) allowing your reader to check that you've thought matured and your project.

Each assumption of a Business Plan consists of several hundreds or even thousands of parameters that we group in the assumptions of the scenario. These parameters consist of several groups: macroeconomic and sectoral (country, sector, activity, etc.), project (supply, production costs, etc.), strategic (sales objectives, marketing mix, etc.) give a path project over several years (3-5 years in general, and even more for some infrastructure-related projects).

These are the provisional financial statements and the combined instrument panel that give you an idea about the path you want to borrow. The estimated alerts you possibly on a potential failure or storm that you may come across. You can then take into account its hazards in your strategy, including review your assumptions.

The dashboard is the equivalent of an aircraft pilot picture. The entrepreneur puts at its disposal to lead the company following the route path previously defined in the business plan. Generally found the progress of turnover but also the treasury of the company, its investment program, its financing plans, balance sheets, the prospective portfolio and customers, employees, the state of the bank account, etc.

The marketing campaign is the set of actions to make known a new product or possibly an added value realized on an existing product. A marketing campaign is usually done in several steps: 1-
marketing strategy: market research, target definition, definition of messages, defining communication channels, etc.
2- Launching the campaign media plan, retro-planning, communication and dissemination of messages
3- Back campaign: measuring the effectiveness of the campaign

The business development is the commercial development. She regards the marketing actions that are usually started at the same time or just after a marketing campaign.
A trade action plan is built around sales targets. These sales targets have resulted in taking canvassing shares with a list of prospects (potential customers). It then constructs a
Funnel "funnel" of all trade leads from the first contact until the realization of the sale. Generally there must be a large number of prospects to reach a sufficient number (usually between 1-10%) of actual sales transactions.

The matchmaking is an intermediary between a provider and a potential client. It is an act that facilitates the process to achieve a sale. This sale may result or not.

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