All zugher products are built on the basis of social networks dealing with a business-to-business relationship in a given domain. Each profile develops its relational network with its customer, its supplier, a local authority or a competence. The relationship between economic players is reinforced by one or more of our APIs in SaaS mode that allow each one to advance his professional project or his activity.

A social network offering solutions in SaaS mode and business services to each stakeholder in the territorial ecosystem (projects, jobs, ...)
The management of a wide choice of business opportunities for each territory that allow you to develop the investment.
Carry out collaborative studies of feasibility in a few clicks and obtain predictions in graphic forms easily interpretable.
Everything is thought, Crowdfunding, calls for donations, classic financing, each project has its own financial package.
To write and publish CVs, to follow applications, to publish advertisements, to look for specific profiles, a real platform for the development of the job.
You can equip your organization quickly with a 100% customizable platform dedicated to the management of your tenders
I can be accompanied and advised by an accountant and manage my online accounting without moving. I can save a lot of time and avoid mistakes even before the creation of my company.
Developing your professional network means giving your project a chance to succeed. At each stage of your project, you can create a direct relationship with your interlocutor and discuss your project with him.
100% Customizable Solutions
From our 100% customizable products, we write you an optimal specification
Budget and time control
We offer you an optimal solution that takes into account your technical, human and financial constraints
Single point of contact
We assist you in setting up your business model, train your staff and assist you throughout the life cycle of your project

Our approach

A single contact that fits your organization.

Establishment of a specification

After a first presentation, we will define your needs and set a budget and terms.


Additional Services

We take care of the rest: support, training, hosting, referencing and maintenance.

You have a project ? You want to get started?